People Lined up to Buy AC:NH and Doom Amist COVID-19 Crisis

PLEASE Buy the Digital Version

With the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal, people lined up to get their hands on a physical copy of the game worldwide. Normally, this is a reason to be celebrating a successful launch of a game, but right now? It is utterly dangerous, selfish and irresponsible. CTV News Toronto reported that people lined up in front of an EB Games in Toronto’s downtown core to do the exact same thing.

Doom Eternal

A woman lined up for AC:NH was interviewed saying, “I’m actually like living with my grandparents right now so I have to be a little bit extra careful. I have hand sanitizer in my backpack. Like I’m super careful about stuff. But I don’t know, something about this game, you just have to come and get your hands on it.”

What a rubbish excuse. I wish that the newsperson knew that she could have easily stayed home and downloaded the game digitally because they should have asked why she wasn’t doing that instead. She could be endangering her grandparents’ lives! For what? So she can complete her meaningless collection of physical games on her shelf? Because she couldn’t wait for online delivery? I mean, I get that we need video games the pass the time in social isolation, but come on people, just because you aren’t in danger doesn’t give you the excuse to help the virus spread.

Not only that, we the fact that EB Games allowed this to happen is a problem in it of itself. Many game retailers are being criticized for the same thing, including GAME and GameStop. It is putting the customers and their staff in danger by forcing them to stay open.

During an epidemic, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep the virus contained, corporations and consumers alike. If we work together, we could have the disease contained months quicker. Please stay safe and remain conscious of your actions.

Source: CTV