System Override Returns Kings Canyon to Apex Legends

Kings Canyon Returns to Apex Legends Again in March

An upcoming Apex Legends event known as System Override will be returning the original map, Kings Canyon, to the game. A new mode called Deja Loot will take gamers across the World’s Edge map from March 3rd-9th then gamers will return to Kings Canyon in the game mode from March 10th-17th. The game mode will have loot spawning in specific locations, with the same stuff reliably being in the same location each time you drop. Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC now but gamers will have to wait until March to access System Override content.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

Alongside the new System Override event comes a new piece of armor known as the Evo Shield which begins at the base quality and grows stronger as gamers damage enemies. Though it will never become legendary quality, the Evo Shield will still be superior to a level three purple armor. Respawn Entertainment said that the Evo Shield will initially be exclusive to Deja Loot, but the developer will consider permanently adding it to the main game based on player feedback so let your voices be heard. System Override Collection features a Prize Track that allows gamers to earn rewards by completing challenges during the event. There are 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics that can be purchased with Apex Coins and Crafting Materials or unlocked via special Apex Packs.

Gamers that collect all 24 themed cosmetics will earn Octane’s heirloom, which is a butterfly knife that also acts as a Stim syringe. The system has been changed so that instead of randomly earning an heirloom from opening Apex Packs, gamers will now earn heirloom shards. The shards can unlock any of the heirlooms that are currently in the game, including Octane’s. The shards will still end up costing gamers in the end, but Respawn is hoping to appeal to fans of other characters this time around.

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Source: Gamespot