Players Claim that Apex Legends Microtransactions are too Expensive

Is the Free-to-Play Game getting too Much of your Money?

Apex Legends is just two weeks old and it is already an absurdly popular game. Popularity of a free-to-play game does not come without its cost though. And the cost in this case is cost itself. Apex Legends, like all the games of its flavour, has a variety of cosmetic additions like weapon and legend skins. Now, these do not affect the gameplay in ways like damage boosts or health upgrades, but they are sought by players nonetheless. Some of these players however, are claiming that Apex Legends microtransactions cost too much.

Apex Legends Microtransactions

There are a few methods of payment when it comes to getting these cosmetics. There are Apex Coins, Apex Packs, Legend Tokens, and scrap. Apex Coins can be bought using real-people money, which is earned by working jobs, many of which you may not like. They are also awarded to players when they level up. Apex Packs are lootbox-type features that randomly awards a rare item, voice lines, or profile trackers. Apex Packs can be purchased for $1 or 100 Apex Coins. Legend Tokens are currency that players can earn in-game without the need for real-people money.

Sounds like there are a bunch of options for getting these items. What are people complaining about? Above, we left out the description of scrap. Scrap can be used to craft items and can be accumulated through the purchase of Apex Packs. Now, not all items can be crafted using this method, and Apex Packs. Buying the items on their own runs a player about $18 each or 1,800 Apex Coins. Oof. That is pretty expensive for a microtransaction. And that is the cheapest price featured.

Are cosmetic items in Apex Legends worth buying? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Verge