Treyarch Unveils a Ton of Whoop-Ass for Upcoming Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist

Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist Set to Be Killer with Lots of New Content

Treyarch has been releasing little teases here and there about the upcoming changes coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, including some changes to the Blackout map, and now everything has been unveiled in full. With the brand new Operation Grand Heist arriving tomorrow, Treyarch has finally decided to give us more than a little tease about what to expect and there’s a lot coming down the pipe.

Blackout crashing

In a recent blog post Treyarch revealed Operation Grand Heist, including a lot of brand new features coming to multiplayer and Blackout. First, there’s going to be a new, but familiar face joining the operator ranks: Outrider. She comes fully equipped with her special issue equipment, the Hawk, which “is a pilotable drone that can be parked at strategic overwatch positions and will automatically tag enemies in its view to help you find an eliminate your prey.” And her Sparrow special issue weapon “returns with a boost to its precision and power with accurate, explosive-tipped arrows that detonate on impact.” According to the developer Outrider will be available after players unlock the very first tier of the new operation in the Black Market, for both regular multiplayer and Blackout.

And that’s not the only hot new item coming to Black Ops 4, as Party Games are making their return in multiplayer. One in the Chamber, Infected, and Prop Hunt are all on the list of incoming game modes, though One in the Chamber is the first to arrive as part of Operation Grand Heist. New weapons are also incoming tomorrow, which are the Switchblade X9, full-auto Rampage shotgun and the Cha-Ching! money bag melee weapon. League Play will also launch tomorrow, with the very first event for the competitive game mode dropping on February 21st, first on PlayStation 4.

If you’re most hyped about the changes coming to Blackout, don’t worry there’s a lot going on. Here’s what Treyarch had to say about it all, “Drop into Ghost Town, a Western-themed destination in the southeast desert featuring two new locations inspired by fan-favorite maps. Above ground, saddle up for “Outlaw”, the Western-themed reimagining of Black Ops II’s classic “Standoff”. Then, journey deep into the interconnected caverns below to find “Buried”, an underground Zombies-inspired location with loot to die for and, of course, a new horde of hungry zombies.” They’ve also added a bunch of new houses and structures throughout the entire Blackout map to add a little bit more loot variety. You can check out the video showcasing a ton of the changes below.

Sounds like a complete overhaul to all game modes. You can check out the entire blog post here for the full list of details. Will you be jumping into the new action? Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!