Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Be Adding Ewoks in New Age of Rebellion Expansion

It’s About Time

Everyone’s favorite (or hated) space creatures the Ewoks will be making their debut in Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the up and coming Age of Rebellion expansion. This new update is going to serve as one of many that EA and Dice have been steadily pumping out since the game’s launch. Battlefront 2 might have mixed reception amongst its fans, but it is nice to see that the developers are still interested in giving its users new content to play with.

Battlefront 2 Top Screen Placeholder ea looking

The Age of Rebellion is going to mean a lot to Battlefront players. This new expansion is going to go live tomorrow, so fans will not have to wait very long. The Rebellion and Empire will both be getting new reinforcements. These are going to be the previously mentioned Ewok Hunter for the Rebellion, while the Empire will receive the ISB Agent. The Ewok is going to act and behave the way in which most Star Wars fans would expect. It is not going to be the most durable thing in the game, but it does pack a punch.

The Ewok Hunter is going to carry a bow and spear. While this might not sound like much, he is also going to be totally invisible on the enemy radar. He also has a boost that he can dish out to himself and friendlies that increase damage output as well as damage resistance.

The ISB Agent is noteworthy as well. He will be the Empire’s first dual-wielding character. Similar to the Ewok, he will not be able to take a lot of damage but will excel at things like recon and close combat. The Agent is going to be quick and agile too, getting out of sticky situations with ease.

Star Wars Battlefront is available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.