More Call of Duty Leaks – Modern Warfare Warzone Daily Challenges

More Leaks Than… Something That Has a Lot of Leaks

Activision just cannot catch a break. Pretty much everything that could have been revealed for this season of Modern Warfare content has been spoiled. It’s like Season 2 is falling down stairs. This supposed leak, which may or may not be true, was actually posted on Reddit about nine days ago. It may be made up, but considering how clumsy Activision has been with its information, who knows? This leak contains a detailed list of Daily Challenges for the Modern Warfare Warzone mode.

Modern Warfare Warzone

The Daily Challenges listed in this supposed leak are very simple. Get X amount of kills with this type of weapon, win a match in this map, pick up X amount of weapons. They all seem to award 100 XP, which is kind of suspect. Something else that strikes me as odd is that a lot of the words in the list of Challenges are pluralized for no reason. This may be  the work of a troll that has less than mastered the English language or basic wording of the complete list of Challenges. There appear to be over a hundred Warzone Daily Challenges, plus a bunch of Warzone Missions. Missions seem to be a one-time thing and do not give more experience when repeated. Some of the Missions are also area-specific, as they refer to a named zone.

Recently, Activision has stepped up its game on fighting the leakers. They have subpoenaed Reddit for information on they user Assyrian2410, who allegedly leaked images from Warzone. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: Reddit