Millions of Players Are in the Dark as EA’s Servers Suddenly Crash

Battlefield, FIFA, and Origin Are All Down

In a shocking change of events, EA’s servers have suddenly crashed leaving millions of gamers in the dark. Games like FIFA and Battlefield are both down at the moment as well as EA’s online market Origin. Electronic Arts are aware of this problem and are currently scrambling to try and solve the issues at hand. There does not seem to be a sole reason to why the servers have crashed so unexpectedly.

Battlefield V

FIFA is EA’s biggest game franchise by far and it being down for any time at all is going to upset a large number of people. FIFA is one of the best selling games out there. It can also boast having one of the most widespread and diverse audiences simply due to how popular soccer (football) is around the world. Right now there is a Nigerian, Korean, and Swede all yelling at their TV screens right now because FIFA isn’t working.

The biggest blow to EA is going to be the loss of revenue generated from Origin. For those who don’t use this service, just think of it as Electronic Art’s version of Steam. As you could imagine, making sure Origin is up and running is most likely going to be the number one priority at the moment. Not to mention that there are thousands of games that are dependant on Origin in order to run.

EA has one of, if not the worst reputation across the gaming community. Regardless of whether or not this crash could have been avoided is really beside the point. There are going to be a lot of upset and angry customers. The public relations people are going to be working overtime. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.