New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Show off Summons and Combat

Adorable, yet Dangerous Summons

The trouble with hyping up a remake of a famous game is that the fans kind of already know a whole lot. We know the story of Final Fantasy VII. We are familiar with the characters and locations. All that Square Enix can really do is continue showing us how shiny the game will be with updated looks on familiar concepts, not to knock that or anything; it’s working. Earlier today, they released even more Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots or more combat and some summons.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots

Since images are all what Square Enix can really give us right now, we might as well take a look. Of the images, there are screenshots and profile shots. We see a few images of Tifa and Cloud in battle, including one of Cloud wielding a bat with nails sticking out of it. There are new profile images of Red XIII and Professor Hojo, who we were recently re-introduced to, as well as the summons available from pre-ordering the game; Cactuar, Chocobo Chick, and Carbuncle. In previous appearances, Carbuncle is coloured green, but in this game he is white, although he does have a green tint in one of the screenshot of him in combat. He still has the red jewel in his head though.

Anyone following the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake knows that its release has been delayed. We would be playing it in a month’s time, but it will be released on April 10th on PS4.

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Source: Twitter