Brand New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Hits Hard

Scenes Fans Have Been Waiting For

Even though fans of the original Final Fantasy VII know what happens in the story and know what to expect, the Remake is still going to leave us in awe. Earlier trailers have shown us a lot of cool stuff like modern imaginings of our favourite characters and locations, but the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer has shown us what we have waited from the beginning: Cloud’s cross-dressing scene, and it does not disappoint. The scene is not only redone with modern graphics, but it also combines with the Honey Bee Inn location.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

In the original game, the Honey Bee Inn is a straight up brothel, which might not work out very well in the Remake, so it is being transformed into a brothel-lite(?) location where Cloud gets his makeover done. The new trailer also shows another highly requested look, this one of Red XIII. It merely shows the introduction scene where everyone meets him and do the whole “It talks?!” thing. The flashback scene of Cloud telling Tifa about his plan to join SOLDIER is in it, as well as a look at Leviathan, Professor Hojo, and Jenova.

Among those highlights are many more cool clips from recognizable scenes, as well as re-recorded music from the original game. Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on April 10th exclusively on PS4.

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Source: YouTube