Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendaries Revealed

Game Freak Gave More Insight Into the New Legendaries

According to the official Pokemon site, The Crown Tundra and The Isle of Armor will feature different legendaries as part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. The Isle of Armor is confirmed to be receiving two legendary Pokemon known as Kubfu and Urshifu while The Crown Tundra gets Calyrex. The Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently available to pre-purchase exclusively for the Nintendo Switch for $29.99 per game.

Pokemon Expansion Pass Legendaries

Kubfu and Urshifu are known as Wushu Pokemon which are fighting Pokemon. When Kubfu evolves into Urshifu, gamers are able to choose between two styles, Single Strike or Rapid Strike. Single Strike is a mix of Fighting and Dark type, while Rapid Strike mixes Water and Fighting. Urshifu also has the ability to Gigantamax in both fighting styles and gains the skill called Unseen Fist after the transformation. Apparently Kubfu is gifted to trainers from a mentor on The Isle of Armor and after completing some training with them, Kubfu is able to evolve. It’s currently unknown if an item is also required to evolve Kubfu or if it just happens immediately upon the completion of the training.

The Crown Tundra is only confirmed to be receiving one legendary, the Psychic and Grass type Pokemon: Calyrex. Calyrex has the ability Unnerve which apparently allows it to see every “past, present and future event.” We suspect this ability has something to do with looking at your opponents four attack moves and possibly setting the next one. This legendary isn’t confirmed to Gigantamax as of now but it’s likely considering Urshifu in The Isle of Armor will be able to. The Isle of Armor is exclusive to Pokemon Sword and it releases in June, while The Crown Tundra is exclusive to Pokemon Shield and it releases in the Fall.

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Source: Gaming Bolt