Nintendo Patents Joy-Con Stylus Add-On

Nintendo is Creating Joy-Con With Stylus Add-On

According to a recent patent filed by Nintendo on the Japanese IP Force website, a new Joy-Con will include a stylus attachment that allows gamers to draw on the screen more accurately. This new Joy-Con looks similar to the old controllers, but with a Stylus attached to the side. The first likely usage for this accessory will be for Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training which released alongside a stylus in Europe, but it’s likely that Super Mario Maker 2 will make use of the stylus add-on for the Joy-Con.

Joy-con stylus add-on

Given the fact that Europe recently received the first stylus for Nintendo Switch consoles, it’s fitting that Nintendo would want to release a similar accessory for fans outside of the region. Rather than using a stylus, this new design for a Joy-Con attachment lets gamers draw directly on the screen using the controller itself. The patent filed includes evidence that the HD rumble would function normally with the stylus attachment on it, so we’re curious if it could simulate the feeling of writing on paper or chiseling stone while using the new stylus add-on. Such features would be useful in Mario Party, Brain Training and Wario Ware titles to name a few.

Although the existence of the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that the add-on will enter production, it shows that Nintendo is experimenting with the idea. Although it could be intended for only the games that require simple illustrations, we see the potential for new titles that are built around the attachment and party games that implement it in some of their mini-games. This patent seems to suggest that Nintendo is more interested in expanding the Joy-Con capabilities rather than fixing the known drift issues.

What game could you see utilizing the Joy-Con stylus add-on? Do you hope this add-on get produced? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Game Rant