Bioshock Titles Rated for the Nintendo Switch

The Bioshock Collection Has Been Rated for Switch

The Taiwanese game rating board has officially rated the Bioshock Collection for the Nintendo Switch through Take-Two Asia Pte Ltd. The collection brings together remastered versions of the original Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and  the standard version of Bioshock Infinite. Although the official Taiwanese rating doesn’t make the announcement official and although it could just come to that region, that would be unexpected given the series’ success in Europe and North America. Each game comes with its respective DLC, giving gamers tons of content in one package. Currently, the Bioshock Collection is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Bioshock Switch

Included in the Taiwanese game rating for the Nintendo Switch release of the Bioshock Collection were the games individually. So if you’re a fan of only the first Bioshock title, you’ll be able to purchase it stand-alone, for example. We’re fans of all three titles and being able to take them all on the go is worth going for the full collection but it’s nice that fans of any one title in the series can just buy that title. 2K Games hasn’t announced The Collection or the individual titles for Switch yet, but you may see them in the next Nintendo Direct.

Considering the Bioshock series has never made its way to a Nintendo console, a future Switch release would be a great way to introduce the series to new fans. Although a rating for the titles isn’t confirmation, it holds more potential than if it was simply rumored online. Considering each title may get an individual release, on top of the collection as a whole, that means the eShop will go from zero to four Bioshock listings overnight.

Will you be getting the full collection or an individual Bioshock title on the Nintendo Switch? Are you looking forward to a new installment in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG24/7