Total Tank Simulator Cranks Up The Physics Next Year

Crash Through Walls, Kool-Aid Style

If you’re getting sick of your WWII simulations being bogged down with realism, grit, and gravitas, maybe this be perfect for you? Total Tank Simulator, a physics-based war game developed by Noobz From Poland, is coming to put some punch in those pitched battles we’re forever reliving. They’ve even gifted us with an announcement trailer!

Total Tank Simulator

Although tanks are right there in the name, players will be able to go in planes or on foot, if they’re so inclined. The game has (so far) three different modes to mess with, including a sandbox mode, shadow mode, and a campaign mode. The crazy-simple graphics suggest that most of the power is being poured into the physics, and rightly so.

If the game gets wishlisted enough times on Steam, then Noobz From Poland and 505 Games will launch the game with a 25% discount. While the color scheme and the destruction physics have a goofy edge, there are a lot of playable factions with a distinct historical bent to them. Maybe this silly game will have some meat to it, after all? You can check out the trailer embedded below to see for yourself. Total Tank Simulator is coming to Steam in 2020.