Smash GameCube Controller Back in Stock Soon

Lock Those S-Foils In Pre-Order Position Now

All Nintendo hardware abides the same simple rule: it’s never in stock for long. Anyone looking to grab something like say, the Smash Bros. GameCube controller, has likely run into this very problem. But fear not! A UK retail listing suggests that the elusive controller in question will be back in stock in late January 2020!

Smash Bros. Ultimate Gamecube Controller

This comes with a couple caveats, of course. This listing doesn’t include worldwide restock schedules, for one. While it’s extremely likely we’ll see this controller back in stores in North America, it’s not 100% certain yet. That said, I think we can safely anticipate a North American announcement very soon.

The second caveat is just the first simple rule, writ large. If you’re serious about grabbing this thing, maybe you’ve got some bots to tangle with first? We could have another SNES Mini situation on our hands, where orders sell out in 48 seconds or so. If you don’t grab one new, the used models tend to run at a 200% markup. While this seems unfairly steep, there’s truly no better way to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Extensive testing over the course of many nerdy parties has cemented the validity of this conclusion. We’ll keep you posted once this likely announcement becomes an official one.