Resident Evil Resistance Comes With Resident Evil 3 – Is It a Standalone?

Resistance Is Futile

When Capcom first revealed what was known at the time as Project Resistance, it was met with skepticism. After all, asymmetrical games like that are very hit or miss and something that deviates from the previous Resident Evil experience is risky, especially since the Resident Evil 2 Remake was so good. It turns out that Capcom may not be going all in on Resident Evil Resistance, which appears to be its new title. When Resident Evil 3 was announced, the trailer ended with mention that customers would also be getting Resident Evil Resistance. So is it just the multiplayer mode, or is it something of its own?

Resident Evil Resistance

Earlier this year, there was news that Resistance would have its own single player story. Even though Resident Evil games are typically single player, story driven games, it would be a stark contrast to an asymmetrical game. Now we know that Resident Evil Resistance will be coming with Resident Evil 3, we have a bunch of questions. Is the Remake the single player campaign of Resistance? Is Resistance the multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 3? Are they entirely separate titles that RE3 customers are just getting access to both? Is that Chris’ blood? I hope that isn’t Chris’ blood.

In a kind of similar situation, if you bought Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on Xbox 360, you may remember that there was Halo Reach multiplayer content in the game, so you could technically play Halo Reach with it. Your ol’ pal Zane just wonders if the relationship between RE3 and RE Resistance is like that. Either way, Resident Evil 3 is coming out on April 3rd, 2020 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Resident Evil Resistance will be out on the same platforms.

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Source: GameRant