Resident Evil Ambassadors Are Being Invited to Test a New Capcom Game

Paging All Ambassadors

For the uninitiated, the Resident Evil Ambassadors are members of a program that allows for the playtesting of Resident Evil games and Capcom games in the same vein. Every now and then, Capcom sends the word out that they need testers for a new game, and they just go to their pool of eager fans in the Ambassadors. The last time we heard about the call for Capcom playtesters was just before Resident Evil Resistance was announced. That’s the game that they ended up testing. Yesterday, an email sent out to the Ambassadors was leaked on Reddit.

Resident Evil Ambassadors

There are a couple of cool things in this message; A) something that concerns the Ambassadors program itself, and B) there is an unannounced game that is going to be tested. Getting into the new game, there are a few possibilities. The message says it is unannounced, so it wouldn’t be Resident Evil 3. Some are speculating that it is an early build of Resident Evil 8. There is also the list of recently registered trademarks by Capcom, including Dino Crisis. These titles were only registered a few days ago, but no dates for these playtests are given, so this could just be an advance notice.

The Resident Evil Ambassadors program is getting a few tune-ups. They will be introducing a ranking system; the higher the rank, the greater chance of being invited to an event. Members can increase their rank by participating in Ambassador activities, which have not been detailed. This unannounced game isn’t Resident Evil 3, but that will be coming out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on April 4th, 2020. Resident Evil 3 can be pre-ordered now.

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Source: Reddit