Moonshiners DLC For Red Dead Online is Now Live

Bootlegging Before it Was Cool

New DLC for Red Dead Online called Moonshiners has dropped and will allow players to live out their fantasies of being a bootlegger. This expansion will focus heavily on the moonshine business and the complicated rivalries and other intricacies that come along with it as well. There are going to be a handful of missions that will be able to be completed. But the main focus of the DLC is to provide players with a steady source of income.

Red Dead Online

The “Moonshiner” is now its very own class. Identical to the other professions that you can adopt in Red Dead Online. But instead of looking for buried treasure or hunting down wanted criminals, you’ll be evading the law and undercutting the competition. You’ll first be able to start your liquor business at your camp after you have the necessary requirements. From there you can only grow your operation and expand your influence on the outside world.

Moonshining is not really about being the most violent or brutal but just being a good businessman (or woman). To maximize profits it will all depend on when and who you sell your liquor too. So be careful and don’t jump at the first opportunity to unload your cargo.

Red Dead Online has grown exponentially since its release in 2018. When it first launched the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 lacked content and things to do with friends and other players. While it has still struggled to reach the same level as GTA V, Red Dead Online is much more exciting and vibrant than it used to be a year ago. Hopefully, Rockstar is still able to come up with fresh and innovative ideas to keep Red Dead Online around for the years to come.