Call of Duty Campaign Features Easter Egg That Refers to Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Call of Duty and Tony Hawk Crossover Confirmed? 

Easter eggs are some of the more light-hearted and interesting parts of video games. Ever since the first video game was made, developers have found increasing clever and interesting ways to add certain inside jokes or references to other games or events within their own video games. The Halo series was best known for this by dishing out dozens of small gags and jokes throughout their series. However, fans have recently found a very original easter egg in the latest Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass

Fans of Modern Warfare have noticed that there is an out of place dead body with a very strange tattoo on his forearm. This tattoo is surprisingly the logo of Neversoft, the developers of the infamous skateboard game Tony Hawk Pro Skater. This revelation was made famous by a handful of Reddit users. From there everyone on the forum started to speculate what this could all mean.

Neversoft Easter Egg found on out of place looking dead body in the Piccadilly Circus mission. from modernwarfare

The most likely meaning of this easter egg could surprise you. While Neversoft was the masterminds some of the most beloved skateboard games of all time, the series did eventually fade and so did the team behind it. Neversoft went out of business and a lot of the employees ended up at Infinity Ward. The developers of the Call of Duty series and Modern Warfare. Small world.

This was most likely added as a little homage to the old studio by one of its workers who ended up at Infinity Ward. Or maybe it could mean that Tony Hawk video games are going to make a massive comeback in the 2020s. But its probably the first explanation.

Whatever the reason, it always nice to see a slight nod to the people behind the Pro Skater series.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently available on Xbox, PS4, and PC.