Modern Warfare III: Three Things I Love (and Hate) About The Campaign

3 Up, 3 Down: Modern Warfare III Campaign

There is no question Call of Duty’s single-player campaigns are always jam-packed with chaotic shootouts, epic set pieces, over-the-top characters, and combat that always feels great. Modern Warfare III is no exception. With the return of iconic characters like Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, and the rest of Task Force 141, it feels good to be back. Not to mention, I was looking forward to hunting down that evil bastard, Vladmir Makarov. After spending just under 5-hours (and that is taking my time) to finish the campaign I am left with some mixed impressions. There is a lot I liked but there was also a lot left to be desired. In this feature, I explore three things that I absolutely love about Modern Warfare III and three aspects that leave me with a lingering sense of disappointment. Strap in, gear up, and prepare to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of Call of Duty’s latest (and shortest) campaign.

The 3 Things I Love

Open Combat Missions

While I would not call the introduction of “Open Combat Missions” a game-changer for the franchise, I do appreciate what Sledgehammer was trying to do. That is, include more open-world-type missions that complement the traditional Call of Duty campaign format. Sure, the missions do play out similarly to the co-op missions in Modern Warfare II, but they didn’t feel out of place in Modern Warfare III. I enjoyed the sense of freedom and the exploration elements as I obsessively attempted to track down every weapon crate. I liked having the option to proceed through the missions as I saw fit. Whether I choose a stealthy approach or go in guns blazing, I can tackle objectives any way I like. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. I see a lot of room for improvement but this was a nice departure from those same old linear levels from past Call of Duty games.

Cut Scenes Look Amazing

Once again, the Modern Warfare franchise delivers when it comes to graphics. The attention to detail in the cut scenes is nothing short of remarkable. Character features are incredibly lifelike. It looks and feels like a true cinematic experience. These sequences seamlessly blend into the gameplay. The attention to detail in rendering explosions, urban landscapes, and character expressions is excellent. It gives Modern Warfare III that Hollywood blockbuster feel. I feel like many will sleep on these cut-scenes. They shouldn’t as visually they are stunning.

Level Rewards

Progressing through the campaign isn’t just about completing missions; it’s also about unlocking rewards. Rewards range from cosmetics like emblems and calling cards to operators, blueprints, and double XP tokens. It adds an extra layer of motivation and a sense of accomplishment to the campaign. It’s a nice little inclusion.