Modern Warfare III – Top 5 Things We’re Excited For

5 Things We’re Glad Will be Part of Modern Warfare III

It’s been 20 years since the very first Call of Duty came out and took the world by storm. It seems that Activision would agree there’s cause for celebration. The last couple of weeks have been huge for the Call of Duty fan base. After avid speculation from the community Activision finally announced Modern Warfare III, then they dropped a short teaser trailer, and then another. Last week we learned of the release date. It’s set to be dropped on November 10th. From the progression that carries forward from Modern Warfare II and the return of Zombies, it’s going to be a dynamite addition to the COD franchise. There are a lot of other reasons to get pumped about too. Could this be the best Call of Duty we’ve seen in a long time? Maybe. Here are the top 5 things we’re most looking forward to in Modern Warfare III.

5) The Campaign

Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare II featured some gorgeous graphics and landscapes, action-packed storytelling, amazing voice acting, and kickass combat throughout. In Modern Warfare III Task Force 141 will face off against the villain who has been trying to take over the world, Vladimir Makarov. It will be a direct sequel to Modern Warfare II which is already cause for celebration. But that’s not all. Modern Warfare III is set to revolutionize the campaign by bringing players more choice than ever before. Though we’ll still get the cinematic missions from past Call of Duty games we’re going to be able to decide what to do next and how to complete open combat missions. This means you can run and gun, go in stealthily, or turn off the lights and take each mission by storm with the use of night-vision goggles! Bring on the action.

4) Longer Time To Kill

One of the biggest points of contention with the Call of Duty games is just how long it takes to kill an enemy. In some games, it feels too quick and in other games, it seems like you’re getting nothing but hit markers. At least Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are setting our expectations here. In multiplayer core modes the time to kill, or TTK, will be increased with health going from 100 to 150. This is going to lengthen the gunfights just enough for everyone to have a chance for some real damage, or it’s going to cause some people to switch over to the hardcore modes. Overall, there’s just going to be more variety in how people play the game and how much customization is going to take place. This means there’s now a higher importance placed on which weapons, which gear, and which strategy you take into every battle.

3) Tac Stance

Since we’re on the topic of strategy and how it affects overall gameplay there’s another innovation coming to Modern Warfare III: Tac Stance. Tac Stance is going to breathe even more new life into gunfights, making them feel less procedural or repetitive. It’s a new way of holding your weapon while firing at the enemy and is set to be the balance between hip-fire and aiming down sights. In close-quarter combat, you’ll have better mobility and weapon handling, while taking a hit in the accuracy department. But by all accounts, it’ll still prove more accurate than hip-firing. This sounds like a run-and-gunner’s dream, which could also decrease the amount of camping as an added bonus. Thank goodness.

2) Increased Customization

Though Advanced Warfare may not be a fan favorite, it certainly is the best of the franchise for the level of customization. It was all about earning the best gear, one piece at a time, until you had the full exo-suit. We need to get back to that. With some of the innovations coming in Modern Warfare III, there will be a greater emphasis on customization, so maybe we finally can. We’ll be able to build and customize our loadouts with the likes of boots, tactical vests, and gloves. And Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are promising the addition of After-Market Parts, which is an add-on to Gunsmith. This will allow players to create and customize weapons based on their preferred playstyle. Which is another big step in the right direction.

1) Map Voting Returns

When the remake of Modern Warfare came out in 2019 Infinity Ward did something that shocked, and largely pissed off, the Call of Duty community. Map voting was gone. Then Treyarch and the rest of the developers brought it back in Call of Duty: Cold War. But the return of map voting was brief and the 2 games since haven’t included the popular feature. Thankfully it’s back again with Modern Warfare III. And hopefully, it’s here to stay. While I completely understand that Infinity Ward just wanted us to play through all of the maps they worked hard to make, some are just plain awful. And as players we reserve the right to hate them, to want to skip them. Now we can once again.

What are you looking forward to with Modern Warfare III? Let us know in the comments!

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