Lucasfilm Makes Fallen Hero Into Jedi Knight

Student Slain in School Shooting Immortalized in Upcoming Book

Lucasfilm has honored a young man slain in a recent school shooting by making him a canonical Jedi Knight. Riley Howell, the fallen hero who sacrificed his life to save his fellow UNC students this past April, will be made a Jedi Knight in an upcoming Star Wars publication.

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Howell’s family received a letter from Lucasfilm earlier this year, informing them of their intentions to honor their son. Riley was a huge Star Wars fan, who will now appear forevermore in the sacred Jedi texts as Ri-Lee Howell, a Jedi Master. The texts made an appearance inĀ The Last Jedi, where they were almost destroyed in a fire.

Howell was one of two students slain in the school shooting. Four others were injured. It’s believed those numbers would be higher, had Riley not intervened when he did. While the honor is likely cold comfort to the young man’s family, it seems a fitting accolade for both a Star Wars fan and a real-life hero. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out now for PC and consoles, while Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is currently out in theaters.