Possible Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Intro Has Leaked

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Demo Might Be Coming Soon

The supposed intro for the rumored Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo has recently leaked due to datamining. You can check out the demo’s intro in the YouTube video posted below.

Notably, the demo’s logo in the start screen is the exact same one that was seen last week on Gamstat, a website that tracks PlayStation Store entries. Both the logo leak and this intro leak point to a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo eventually coming to PS4 but Square Enix hasn’t officially confirmed that a downloadable demo is on the way.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The upcoming remake will feature Cloud Strife and his allies going on a quest to stop Shinra, an corporation that is destroying their planet with its business practices. Unlike the 1997 original, the remake will be released episodically and feature modern real-time third-person combat (though there’s an option for traditional turn-based combat).

The remake’s first episode will launch on March 3rd, 2020 for PS4 and might come to Xbox One in 2021.

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