Nintendo Continuing to Improve Switch Online

Nintendo Promises to Enhance Nintendo Switch Online

During Nintendo’s recent quarterly financial briefing, the company expressed interest in enhancing the Nintendo Switch Online service more to attract new subscribers. The service currently offers a limited library of NES and SNES titles to play through with new features, as well as the Tetris battle royale: Tetris 99. It’s likely that more services will be offered through Nintendo Switch Online in time as Nintendo looks to bring in more subscribers from their high install base. Nintendo Switch Online is available to anyone with a Switch or Switch Lite system for $3.99 per month, $7.99 for three months, $19.99 for the year or a family plan for a year at $34.99.

Nintendo Switch Online Service

“We have previously discussed out the importance of expanding the Nintendo Switch Online service in ways that appeal to consumers,” said Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa. “Here are the services and benefits added since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online last year. Going forward, we will continue to enhance service content to encourage owners of the Nintendo Switch system or Nintendo Switch Lite system to try the service and see its appeal first-hand, so they will join and maintain a subscription.” This enthusiasm for improving the Switch online experience makes us hopeful that N64 or Gamecube games will end up on the Nintendo hybrid console.

Many gamers didn’t consider the online service to be worth it until the Super Nintendo library was added, slightly increasing Nintendo’s subscribers. Apparently, Nintendo is looking to convert more Switch owners into subscribers with their attempts to enhance the service and we’re looking forward to seeing what ways they’ll improve it. Nintendo Switch has sold over 22 million units, but only about 10 million of those units have subscribed to the online service.

What would you like to see Nintendo add to the Switch Online service? Which NES and SNES titles are your favorite to play on the platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt