Nintendo Switch Online Already Has Over 8 Million Paid Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online is Currently 8 Million Strong

Since its launch four months ago, Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online has surpassed over eight million paid subscribers. What’s more impressive is that number does not include free trials.

Nintendo Switch Online Service

If you consider how many Switch’s have been sold — approximately 32 million consoles — then that means roughly a fourth of the consumer base has purchased a membership. The milestone was revealed during Nintendo’s financial briefing yesterday where they also said that they are “working on continuing to expand the service offerings” for the Switch’s online service.

While the service does offer users a bunch of features such as online play, cloud saves, and a growing catalogue of classic NES games, there are rumours that SNES games might be added to the service down the road.

It’s safe to say that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate probably played a big part in growing the subscriber count. Sales figures for the popular brawler is now over 12 million worldwide since its launch on December 7th, 2018.

As for what’s ahead for 2019, there are reports suggesting that the big N has plans to release a new Switch model focused on portability. Other reports state that they may also launch a “more expensive” version of their online service aiming at “game enthusiasts that are willing to pay more for a higher tier service.”

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