Huge Misconceptions About Overwatch 2 Story Due to Fake Leaks

The Story Still Remains a Mystery 

Overwatch is not known for its story. One does exist if you want to dig around the internet. But it is not front and center in the actual game. If anything the backstory of the whole universe is somewhat hidden. Blizzard has released a couple of short “films” that have better explained what is happening in the storyline but they still are not the clearest. There was a recent leak that had claimed to spill the beans on the new fabled story that is going to be featured in Overwatch 2. However, we now know that this leak was a total fabrication. It is fake.

Overwatch 2 Platforms

Like most things, the leaks first surfaced on an Overwatch forum on Reddit. It was here were a handful of images claiming to flush out the backstory of Orisa, one of the characters. The images were all watermarked and had the text, “internal use only” on them. It looked very legit. But, of course, not everything on the internet is true and these photos were one of them.

The images originate from a fan of the franchise who also happens to be a graphic designer named Clemmie Palmer. It is not clear if he was the one to actually post them on Reddit himself. “This was a challenge, and it’s not completely perfect, but I’m happy with it,” he said onTwitter.

While this particular leak has been found out to be fake, it does not mean that all “information leaks” are false. There have been a lot of rumors or whispers about a game that has turned out to be true. But it is always a good idea to take anything you see on the internet with a grain of salt.

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