Open-World Zombie Epic ‘Days Gone’ Is $20 During Black Friday

You Can Get Days Gone at a Super Cheap Price!

Hey, you! Yeah, you, the person (or group of people?) reading this, guess what? Days Gone is currently on sale for $20 during a big Black Friday sale on the PlayStation Store. If you’d like to buy the physical version of the game instead then the game is also going for $20 at major retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy.

Days Gone

As ex-biker Deacon St. John, players will go on a long, perilous journey in a post-apocalyptic Oregon that’s been overrun by zombie-like Freakers, violent cultists, and thieving bandits.

Days Gone features a massive open-world environment that players will travel through on Deacon’s fully-customizable bike. Most of the game’s world is experienced alone so Deacon is usually outnumbered by a variety of dangerous enemies (especially whenever he encounters Freaker hordes). He can sneak past enemies or fight them using his arsenal of firearms and melee weapons.

To learn more about this game before deciding whether or not to buy it, read our in-depth review or watch the video review posted below.

“I was initially concerned that Days Gone is yet another zombie game in a world where The Walking Dead has gone from critical darling to cringe-inducing,” the review’s author wrote. “It definitely has zombies, but by the end, I stopped feeling like it’s just another zombie game.”

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