The PS5 Could Be Launching Later Than Expected

Setbacks Might Have Delayed the Initial Launch Date

Only a few weeks ago Sony officially confirmed that they were going to be calling their next console the PS5. While this was not much of a shocker, it was somewhat of a surprise when they gave a rough window of when they would be launching their new console. Sony had stated that fans should expect to see the next PlayStation in-store around October-November 2020. This was important becasue the next Xbox console is going to release a month later around Christmas time. However, it now appears that the PlayStation 5 might be pushed back a little later than expected. It might be released in the same month as Microsoft’s Project Scarlett.

PlayStation Europe

This news is coming straight from “TweakTown.” They are claiming that Sony has made a firm decision that they are going to launch the PS5 in December 2020. If this news if true then it would, of course, put them in a direct collision course with Microsoft.

This news could always turn out to be incorrect or Sony could just wind up changing their minds. But it does look like Sony is going to try and get the upper hand over their long-time rivals. Releasing the PS5 a month before the Project Scarlett could totally take the wind out of the sails of Xbox. Or perhaps Sony would prefer to launch at the same time. We simply don’t know.

If Sony does choose December, it would the first time in the companies history that one of their consoles did so. Every PlayStation so far has exclusively launched in the Fall.

While everything is a little bit hazy at the moment. We should have everything cleared up by E3 2020. You’ll just have to wait patiently.