The Fort of the Damned Coming to Sea of Thieves

Halloween Event Coming to Sea of Thieves Next Week

Sea of Thieves is getting a new Halloween update that adds the Fort of the Damned, bringing changes to combat and accessibility options with it. The exact contents of the update are currently unknown but it adds more female clothing options and several balance changes to the game. The name of the update suggests that a new Raid or public event will give gamers a new challenge to embrace similar to Shores of Gold and Forsaken Shores. The Fort of the Dammed update releases on October 16th for PC and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves

Pets will also make less noise during duels in the upcoming update, giving gamers one less distraction to worry about while in combat. Transitioning from fighting to sprinting and vice versa will be noticeably improved and an option to toggle instead of holding a button down for item use and aiming is also being added. We’re looking forward to these quality of life adjustments for the open world Pirate game. Sea of Thieves wasn’t our cup of grog at launch but Rare Studios continue to evolve the game and make it better as time goes on.

Female gamers playing Sea of Thieves or males with female avatars (no judgement) will enjoy the upcoming increase in women clothing options in the Fort of the Damned. Executive producer Joe Neate confirmed that private servers wouldn’t be coming with next week’s update but that the idea of them is to facilitate players who organize races and events. Sea of Thieves looking at private servers suggests that they’re looking at fundamental changes to the game, not just content additions or adjustments.

What’s your favorite experience in Sea of Thieves so far and why? Is Sea of Thieves your favorite Rare title or are you more of a fan of their classic games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt