FIFA 20 Continues Trend of Successful FIFA Games

FIFA 20 Already Reaches 10 Million Worldwide Players

EA recently announced that FIFA 20, which only released two weeks ago, has already reached 10 million worldwide players. In celebration of the successful launch, EA is offering gamers who purchase(d) the game before October 17th 8,000 Volta Coins which can be used to equip their Avatar’s with fresh, new gear as they play competitively with each other. FIFA 20 is out now on Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch and it clearly already has a healthy community.


The latest annual football/soccer game continues FIFA’s worldwide success, showing everyone that sports games are still very relevant. The FIFA brand may not be as relevant in North America as it is in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. but it’s developed by EA Vancouver which shows FIFA love truly is worldwide. A healthy community always helps online games stay relevant and FIFA 20’s sizable fan base will keep the game healthy throughout next year.

EA touts more fun numbers in their recent blog post, saying that 450 million matches have been played so far, including 1.2 billion goals scored. 5 million Avatars have been created over the two weeks since launch and those gamers will truly appreciate the 8,000 Volta Coins. With the rewards for 10 million fans, we’re curious what the reward for reaching 20 million players will be. If you’re curious what we thought about FIFA 20? It was a fresh but familiar experience with beautiful visuals but it suffered from a lackluster story. Read our full review here!

Are you one of the ten million worldwide gamers playing FIFA 20 or have you snoozed on it over the last two weeks? How many gamers do you think will be part of the FIFA community by the time FIFA 21 launches? Are you a fan of watching football/soccer or is it boring to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt