Turns out Game Designer Warren Spector Isn’t a Huge Fan of Character Classes

Warren Spector Says He Doesn’t Understand Why Game Developers Use Character Classes

In a new interview world renowned game designer Warren Spector talked about his upcoming title System Shock 3 and how there will be a lack of character classes. As it turns out he’s not a big fan of the widespread practice of using these character classes in video games and believes them to be relics of the industry that were originally created for Dungeons and Dragons when there wasn’t another option.

system shock 3

When talking about System Shock 3, currently in development at Otherside Entertainment, Warren Spector broke down how players will be able to develop their characters. “In this game, and in other games like it, you develop a character is through your inventory. You’re going to be acquiring things throughout the game. The tools you create will allow you to interact with our world simulation and our enemies in unique ways that, again, serve your playstyle.”

When asked if he believes character classes have a place in System Shock 3 Warren Spector broke down his feelings on the topic. “I don’t understand why video game developers use character classes. I guess it’s simple for people to understand “I’m a fighter, I’m a healer, I’m a mage.” It’s probably sensible and there’s a reason why I’m kind of the “King of the Cult Classics,” and haven’t sold 100 million copies of a game ever. But character classes and all those secret di roles were the best simulation tools that Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson had at their disposal when they created this whole role-playing thing. And we have better tools now. I don’t get it. As a player, sure, I’ll play a game that has character classes, but I’m not a huge fan.”

Do you agree with him or are you a fan of character classes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates on System Shock 3.