Fallout 76 Will be Getting a Public Test Server

It’s About Time

Fallout 76 has not had the best of times. When the game launched last year, almost all of the Fallout fanbase was either disappointed or enraged. Sales were poor and reviews were bad. Fallout 76 was filled with bugs instead of things to actually do. To many who had purchased the game, it felt like it wasn’t even finished. Bethesda, of course, faced tons of backlash and was pressured to fix the game. It has been almost a year, but there is good news on the horizon. Fallout 76 will be getting a public test server in early 2020.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

This server is going to essentially be a place where players can come and be guinea pigs. It is here that fans of Fallout 76 can test out new content that is scheduled to be added to the game. Bethesda is adding this server in hopes of getting a better idea of what their disgruntled fans base wants in the game. This new server will be an open beta for new content. And also serve as a peace offering for past mistakes. Bethesda has said that almost every new update that they add will be in the public tests server for months before release.

Some fans are not happy about this news though. They don’t feel that it is their responsibility to discover bugs or glitches in Bethesda’s work. And it is not exactly a good sign that a developer needs to have fans break-in DLC for months beforehand.

So far the lifespan of Fallout 76 has been filled with anger and disappointment. Hopefully, this new test server can help jaded and disillusioned fans return to the series once again. The project has largely suffered from being too ambitious and being pushed out the door way too early.