Rainbow Six Siege Faced With New Hack That Switches Your Operator

A+ For Creativity, F- For Sportsmanship

Rainbow Six Siege has always had a problem with hackers ever since its release, especially on PC. Classic hacks like aimbot or wallhacks have appeared here and there, but nothing too unexpected. Recently Rainbow Six recently had an issue with DDoS attacks. This is when an opposing player essentially lags out the other team, forcing them to leave the game or be easy pickings for the hacker. However, a new hacking incident has reared its ugly head.

Operation: Ember Rise

The switch hack is a new and somewhat comical attack on the Siege community. This is where an opposing player can hack into the game and then switch which operators the opposing team is using after they already picked their operator. This might sound harmless to someone who does not play the game. However, team composition is huge in Rainbow Six Siege. Especially in competitive play. The hacker and his buddies can pick hard counters to each operator beforehand, then switch the opposing team’s composition just before the round starts. Thus making it very difficult to win.

The hacker can also change the skins on a weapon you’re using as well at the operator’s appearance. This is just a way to further mess with people. Sadly you don’t get to keep the skins.┬áThis new hack was brought to light by Lakii, a Croatian Siege player. Who took to Twitter to let everyone know what was going on.

Ubisoft Support is currently doing everything they can to make sure things like this don’t happen again. But hacker are constantly coming up with new ways to cheat the game. Ubisoft has a difficult task ahead of them.

Aside from the occasional hacker, Rainbow Six Siege is a great game that you should look into if you enjoy competitive shooters.