Sony Wants to Make More Sunset Overdrive Games

Sunset Overdrive 2 Could Be a PlayStation Exclusive

When Sony announced its acquisition of Insomniac Games in August, there was confusion about whether or not Sony owned the Sunset Overdrive IP. Sony Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden reportedly said that Sony was planning to look into the matter but a recent interview with Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Sony owns the IP.

sunset overdrive

“SIE holds the rights to past Insomniac works,” Yoshida told Japanese gaming news outlet Inside Games at TGS 2019. He also said that he was “looking forward” to future Sunset Overdrive games.

Hopefully these future games will impress as much as the first game did back in 2014. Our review praised the first Sunset Overdrive as “a game that attacks so many senses, in a good way, that you may just find yourself not wanting to stop playing.”

“From the visual art style, the amount of things to do on your own, to the multiplayer experience that carries over your progress into your single player story, this game just seems to get a lot of things right,” the reviewer added.

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