E3 2020 Will Reportedly Be Geared Towards Influencers

E3 2020 Is Going to Be Different From Previous E3s

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) plans for E3 2020 to be a “festival” event that will involve influencers and celebrities more than previous E3s, according to an official ESA presentation obtained by GameDaily.biz.

E3 2020

The ESA wishes to make the next E3 a “fan, media, and influencer festival” in order to revitalize the association’s annual gaming convention, GameDaily.biz also reported. According to games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, E3 2019’s attendance paled in comparison to the attendance of other major gaming events such as this year’s Gamescom.

There’s also plans to improve the E3 experience for attendees by making wait times for floor demos more convenient.

E3 2020

“A proposed digital app and experience may help mitigate wait times,” GameDaily.biz reported. “On paper, this reads like Disney’s FastPass system used in its amusement parks. Users will register for a demo time window and come back later to avoid waiting for hours at a time for a single game.”

“The ESA does have plans to take advantage of those long demo wait times, though,” the report continued. “The group has plans for what it calls ‘queuetainment’ to market to those in line. This two-pronged approach creates a rich opportunity for E3 exhibitors. Either they will have access to consumer data captured through the app or have a captive audience as people wait in line for demos.”