Nioh 2’s PS4 Release Date Revealed

Nioh 2 Is Coming to PS4 Next Year

Nioh 2 is slated to launch on PS4 in early 2020, according to an official trailer for TGS 2019. The sequel to the Dark Souls-like Nioh was first revealed during E3 2018.

Not much has been revealed about the story or main character but it was reported last year that the protagonist would be fully customizable when it comes to their gender and race. It’s also been revealed that they can change into a yokai, which are mythical Japanese creatures. The player’s yokai form can be used during combat and, according to a recent PlayStation Blog post, the yokai play an important role in the game’s combat system.

“Yokai are an essential cornerstone of this franchise, and we take careful consideration when adding these mythical creatures into the game,” the blog post read. “When choosing new Yokai to implement, we go far beyond simply choosing the most popular or well-known versions.”

“Instead, we meticulously select each creature based on their unique characteristics to effectively complement specific integrations,” it continued. “This approach ensures a wide range of variation and scope, which is super important in keeping players engaged and challenged!”