Nioh 2 Getting Open Beta This November

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Shortly after Nioh 2 got a sexy new gameplay trailer at TGS 2019, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja announced an open beta for the game. From November 1st to the 10th, players will be able to get a firsthand look at the upcoming prequel. Which honestly looks pretty rad? There’s tons of sweet Yokai, if nothing else.

Nioh 2 open beta

If you haven’t caught the newest trailer, it is embedded below. Concrete details are still scarce and scattered, but we know this will be a prequel. We’ve also learned that the protagonist will be learning new moves from Yokai, and (at least in the trailer) there is a number of murderous catgirls greater than zero. Huzzah!

Nioh, if you somehow missed that boat entirely, is Team Ninja’s brainchild that often gets lumped in the Soulsborne genre. Which is flattering for sure, but these guys have been making brutal-ass games for longer than From Software by a wide margin. It’s like no one even remembers Ninja Gaiden anymore. For shame! You can check out our review of the original Nioh right here, if you’re so inclined.