Gwent’s Next Expansion is Bringing Back Radovid

The Most Addicting Card Game in the World

Gwent started out as a sort of fun and goofy card game that was playable within the Witcher 3. It was loads of fun. You could go around the world searching for rare and unique cards, and then play some of the best players within the Witcher universe. Some quests even had you play in a Gwent tournament. It was a great addition to the game. However, CD Projekt Red realized that Gwent could become something much bigger and eventually launched the game independently. Other card-based strategy games like Hearthstone had experienced massive success at the time. So making Gwent its own separate game was a no brainer.


Gwent has been out for years now and has been well received by fans. A brand new expansion to the game is being introduced on October 2nd. Called “Iron Judgement” this new expansion is offering tons of news cards and characters. Namely the return of Radovid. One of the main characters from the Witcher series. Other tweaks are being made to the game as well. The old armor system is back and team battles are going to work a little differently. 80 new card are also said to be arriving with the new expansion.

If you’re big into strategy games then you should check out Gwent. It is very reminiscent of old school card games like Magic the Gathering. Each faction within the game has access to different types of cards and all play totally differently from one another. This keeps the experience always fresh and never boring.¬†There is a bit of a learning curve however, so don’t lose faith when starting out.¬† But it pays off when you start messing people up with your fancy new deck.

Gwent is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.