Terminally Ill Borderlands Fan Spends His Final Days Playing Borderlands 3

Touching Gesture By Gearbox

A terminally ill Borderlands 3 fan by the name of Trevor Eastman will be able to live out his final days exactly how he wanted. He was given the opportunity to play the newest game in the Borderland series early due to the developers, Gearbox reaching out to him and giving him a digital copy without charge.

Borderlands 3 Theme Song

Eastman has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal, stomach, and liver cancer. This is of course not good news for anyone. Eastman’s health has unfortunately rapidly deteriorated and has been forced into hospice care for the remainder of his life. He has been taken off chemo and immunotherapy as well and is now just trying to make the best of what time he has left.

Gearbox had been well aware of Eastman’s heartwrenching conditions for some time now. Eastman took to Reddit a while back to let everyone know about his precarious position. The reaction from the Borderlands community as well as from Gearbox has been fantastic. There was an outpour of support for Eastman and his family.

Eastman was also given the opportunity to name a gun that is featured in the game. The gun is appropriately named the “Compressing Trevonator” and is a variant of a Maliwan shotgun. The short sentence, “Trev is gunna get you” has been engraved on the side of the weapon. Just to add a little more flair. Gearbox has added a skin that is dedicated to Eastman as well. Called the Abundant Dangerous Trevonator, this skin is available to all within the game. This skin also comes with “Trevonator” etched on the side of the gun.

As saddening as this whole situation is. Hopefully, in his final moments, Trevor Eastman can enjoy his time playing a game that he loves.