GameStop Might Have Accidentally Confirmed New Splinter Cell Game

Please Be True!

The Splinter Cell series is one of the most well known and iconic franchises in gaming today. It might be on a bit a hiatus as of right now, but that does not mean that people have not lost interest. Rumors have been floating around for years that a new Splinter Cell game is around the corner. But, of course, this new Splinter Cell game has yet to be announced. However, there is a glimmer of hope for all the desperate fans out there.  GameStop has just advertised a replica version of the classic Splinter Cell goggles. With some juicy details to boot.

The first sentence in the item’s description reads, “For the first time since the introduction of Splinter Cell in 2002, after nine top-selling AAA+ titles, and with the 10th release on the horizon, this is your first chance to own Sam Fisher’s signature Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Goggles.”

The 10th release is on the horizon is obviously the most important part. It looks as though GameStop has inadvertently spilled the beans on the next Splinter Cell game. This would not be the first time a retailer has accidentally leaked information about an upcoming game.

There have been mountains of false leaks and “rumors” that have surfaced over the last little while. However, this seems to be the most encouraging one yet. Unless GameStop is just toying with us and trying to sucker people in to buy their night vision goggles.

The last Splinter Cell game was released all the way back in 2013. If the series ever does decide to make a triumphant return, it should be well received. There are millions of people chomping at the bit for another installment.

If this is a false alarm, at least I’ll be able to cry in the dark with my cool new night vision goggles.