Remedy’s Control Is Out Now

Remedy Entertainment’s Trippy Sci-Fi Shooter Control Has Launched

Remedy’s highly anticipated third-person shooter Control finally released on Tuesday for the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4. As a young woman named Jesse Faden, players will travel through the mysterious headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) and battle with a supernatural force called “The Hiss”.

After being thrust into the role of FBC Director, Jesse will have to stop The Hiss from taking over FBC headquarters but she has one true objective: find her lost younger brother, Dylan, who was taken by the FBC nearly 20 years ago.

Control has been described as a Metroidvania with superpowers and a unique shapeshifting gun known as “The Service Weapon”. Jesse can upgrade her powers and her gun as she progresses through the game. She can also explore the FBC and take on side missions.


If you’re thinking of getting this game then check out our review. “Even with its imperfections, the incredible design, storytelling, and gameplay chops on display boil down to this: Control is the best game Remedy has made,” our reviewer wrote, “and it’s one of the most unique narrative action games out there. It’s visually jaw-dropping and the superpower combat is entertaining as heck, but it’s the paranormal adventure and stylistic choices that really make Control sing.”

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