Elder Scrolls Composer & Night in the Woods Dev Accused of Rape

The Famous Elder Scrolls Composer Has Been Accused of Rape

Update (7/29/2019): Soule has been accused by another woman of sexual misconduct and he’s recently denied the accusations of both women. As for Holowka, the studio he worked for and co-founded severed ties with him on Wednesday.

Original Story:

Jeremy Soule, the famous Elder Scrolls & Guild Wars composer, has been accused of rape by indie developer Nathalie Lawhead in a lengthy Monday blog post.

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According to Lawhead, Soule raped her in 2008 while she was working on an augmented reality game (ARG) for a Vancouver studio. Lawhead alleges that this event caused her severe mental and physical distress and she also alleges being mistreated by the studio while she was employed there.

Sometime after Lawhead’s blog post was published, another indie developer, Zoe Quinn, tweeted on Monday that the blog post motivated her to come forward with her own sexual assault accusations against Night in the Woods developer Alec Holowka. Quinn didn’t specify when exactly this sexual assault happened, only that it allegedly occurred a few months into her game development career.

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According to Quinn, after she publicly accused Holowka on Twitter, she also received Twitter messages from others who allege that Holowka has “hurt” them. “Jesus Christ the messages im getting rn from other people he’s hurt,” Quinn tweeted. “I had no idea it was so bad. Im so sorry I waited this long to come forward but now whatever happens to me I don’t think I’ll regret it”.

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