PewDiePie Finally Becomes the First Person to Reach 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube

PewDiePie is on Top of the World

Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known by his online alias PewDiePie has become the first solo creator to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Despite the fact that he lost the fight to become the first channel ever to reach this subscriber count to T-Series, this is still a monumental achievement. Last night the Swedish YouTube sensation finally reached this goal.

pewdiepie top

There is not much competition to challenge PewDiePie either. The next most subscribed to channel is 5-Minute Crafts which sits at 60 million subs as of writing this article. It is safe to say that no other solo content creator is going to overtake him anytime soon. Felix has also just tied the knot with long-time girlfriend Marzia Bisognin. Just to add further to the long list of things for him to celebrate.

PewDiePie’s rise to stardom has not been without incident, however. He has been the source of much controversy over his time on the platform. He managed to lose a deal with Disney following an alleged anti-Semitic slur. As well as having other sponsorships drop him due to his foul-mouthed online behavior which occasionally contained racial slurs.

But rather than fading into obscurity as other online personalities have, PewDiePie was still able to thrive. How he was able to continue growing despite what would be a metaphorical death sentence for most, remains somewhat of a mystery to those not accustomed to the online world. PewDiePie’s ability to keep on growing regardless of the bad press just goes to show how different the code of conduct is when compared to traditional media.

To celebrate this new milestone in his YouTube career, PewDiePie is going to be focusing more on his bread and butter. Minecraft videos. Minecraft was, afterall, what made him famous.