Need For Speed Heat Ditches Lootboxes

EA Community Manager Confirms Need For Speed Heat Won’t Have Lootboxes

During a recent Q&A on the Need for Speed subreddit, Electronic Arts Community Manager, Ben “F8RGE” Walke explained Need for Speed Heat will not continue Need for Speed Payback’s lootbox system of customization. Beyond assuring Need for Speed fans that the game will not launch with lootboxes, Walke confirms there never will be lootboxes in the game. Currently planned post-launch DLC content includes car packs and a time-save pack that shows gamers where to find the collectibles spread around the map of Palm City. Need For Speed Heat races onto the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 8th, or November 5th to EA Origin subscribers.

NFS Heat lootboxes

Despite assuring fans of the Need for Speed series more gameplay of at Gamescom, EA Games Community Manager Ben Walke took to Reddit to address lingering questions from the NFS Heat trailer. Walke confirmed the best way to unlock new customization options in this game will be through in-game competition.

Races and events will reward upgrades, cosmetic altercations, etc. which allows gamers to choose which next event suits their needs best. Palm City is an open world where the events change given the time of day. “Speeds cards from NFS Payback are gone,” said Ben Walke which suggests it was a failed concept or the lawmakers cracking down on lootboxes are changing games for the better. “There are no lootboxes in NFS Heat and there won’t be.” Expect to see an in-depth look at Need for Speed Heat on August 19th at Gamescom.

Does Need for Speed Heat seem like the car game for you after the announcement that EA won’t be continuing the lootbox system from NFS Payback? What is your favorite Need for Speed game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech