Mortal Kombat Cast Grows Larger – Mileena, Jax, and Raiden

The Realms Are Gathering Their Fighters

It’s been a little while since we heard any major news regarding the new Mortal Kombat movie. After Joe Taslim had been cast as Sub-Zero, the only news we got about it was that it is cleared for an R rating. Yesterday, we got word that the casting of Mileena, Jax, Liu Kang, and Raiden has made some progress. Actors Sisi Stringer, Mehcad Brooks, Ludi Lin, and Tadanobu Asano will reportedly be joining the Mortal Kombat cast.

Mortal Kombat Cast

Sisi Stringer will be playing Mileena, a fighter for the Outworld. This will be Stringer’s first role as an actress. Jax Briggs, a fighter for the Earthrealm will be played by Mehcad Brooks. Brooks has most recently been playing James Olsen AKA Guardian in CW’s Supergirl. Ludi Lin will be portraying Liu Kang, who fights for the Earthrealm. Ludi Lin played the Black Ranger in 2017’s Power Rangers. Raiden, the God of Thunder and protector of the Earthrealm, is in talks to be played by Tadanobu Asano. Asano was in the Thor movies as Hogun, one of the Warriors Three. He also portrayed Genghis Khan in Mongol.

All four of these characters were included in the character leak back in March, so no huge surprises. The characters from that leak who have not yet been cast include Sonya Blade, Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Kano, and the original character Cole Turner. Mortal Kombat is expected to hit theaters in 2021.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter