More Borderlands 3 Character Trailers and Planetary Profiles Drop

Brawler and the Beast(master)

Last week, Gearbox released a couple of videos properly introducing fans to two of the new Vault Hunters. Those trailers featured Zane and Moze. I thought that they would be followed immediately by the others, but they came this week instead. The Borderlands 3 character trailers released Tuesday and today were for Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster, respectively. They are titled “Looking for a Fight” and “The Hunt”. Yesterday, a new Planetary Profile was also released for one of the playable worlds Eden-6. We are getting a clearer picture of Borderlands 3 everyday.

Borderlands 3 Character Trailers

As you can probably tell from the title, Amara is always in search of a brawl. She is idolized by the common people who she fights for, but whenever she sees someone to punch on, they always run away or get hit by a car, leaving her fists hungry. In FL4K’s trailer, he and his companions are also in search of something. They are always on the hunt for game. He leads a pack of himself, a skag, a spiderant, and a jabber. In this trailer, we finally hear FL4K’s voice. As with all robotic beings in Borderlands, his voice is synthesized and sounds like it comes out of a speaker.

A little while ago, Gearbox also put out their first Planetary Profile video showcasing Promethea. Yesterday, they tweeted out a new video doing the same with Eden-6. This planet is home to the Jakobs Corporation and where Sir Hammerlock and his sister Lady Aurelia can be found. Eden-6 is also full of new and dangerous creatures we have not yet seen. Borderlands 3 comes out on September 13th.

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Source: YouTube and Twitter