GTA 6 Release Date Has Been Predicted By Analyst

It is Probably Going to be a While

It might not feel like it, but Grand Theft Auto V has been out for since 2013. The game has aged relatively well and has a still has a sizable and loyal following. And considering it has made more money than any entertainment product ever made, it has done quite well for itself. However, it has been out for some time and there has been no news on the next Grand Theft Auto. Red Dead Redemption 2 was of course released last year. The heavily story-driven cowboy game is also made by Rockstar and has been well received by fans and critics. But if the Wild West doesn’t appeal to you then you are likely going to have to wait a while. That is what Jefferies analyst Alex Giaimo has said.

gta V top screen

Giaimo has told potential investors to hold off on buying stocks of Take-Two Interactive, Rockstars parent company. Giaimo feels that the value of Take-Two Interactives stock will not rise because the next Grand Theft Auto is far away from being released. He has predicted that a new GTA will most likely be wheeled out at the end of the 2022 fiscal year. This opinion has been influenced by the fact that the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft will not release until 2020. It would not make much sense on behalf of Rockstar to bring out a new game before that.

Considering everything, there have also been “leaks” that suggests that a GTA could be coming as soon as early 2020. Another “leak” stated that the next GTA is going to be launching alongside the new Sony console. Large breaks in between massive open-world games could be becoming the norm. It was almost ten years between both Red Dead Redemption games. Why would GTA be different?