Microsoft Mobile Controller Is a Mix of Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Gaming On the Go Is Getting More Accessible

As mobile gaming is gaining more and more credibility, the desire for accessibility grows. Unfortunately, that growth has been outpacing the steps developers have been taking in meeting the desire. That is, until recently. The Nintendo Switch, loved by nearly everyone who has it, has made arguably the largest step forward for a console gaming experience with a mobile device. The prototype of the Microsoft Mobile Controller appears to be drawing a lot of inspiration from the Nintendo Switch Joycons. While it resembles the Xbox button layout, the defining features scream “Switch”.

Microsoft Mobile Controller

The way the controller works, is that the two main components can be slapped onto the sides of a phone or tablet. Face buttons of the Xbox controller are pretty much the same with the exception of two power buttons in place of where the Guide button would be. The bumpers and triggers are moved from the shoulders to the back of the controller. The controller has three different sets of grips with different sizes for your handling needs. The controller can be played without grips though. The two pieces of the controller can attach to a dock for charging.

While it is likely that they will connect via Bluetooth, it is unclear right now how exactly the controller will grip the various devices. We all know that our device have different shapes and sizes, especially because a lot of us have phone and tablet cases, some very bulky. This design is far from consumer-ready, it looks like a step in the right direction.

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Source: Windows Central