EA CEO Explains Why More EA Games Aren’t On Switch

EA Games Has Many Successful Franchises But Why Don’t We See More On Switch?

EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, recently addressed an investor who asked why EA isn’t putting more of their big titles on the Nintendo Switch. Wilson apparently believes that because most Switch owners also own PS4, Xbox One and/or PC, they’d rather play EA games on those devices. EA has done research in determining the best platforms to release on and Wilson believes their success on Xbox One, PC, etc. justifies their lack of Nintendo Switch games. This information stems from a first-quarter earnings call when an investor specifically asked if The Sims would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Fifa 19 is one of the few EA games on the Nintendo Switch leading us to believe Andrew Wilson is still testing the Switch waters and the popularity of titles such as Fifa on the platform. With the Nintendo Switch being in a league of their own with the only mainstream hybrid console, many developers are moving their games to the dockable handheld and both Sony and Microsoft are working with Nintendo more closely than ever. Other than Fifa, the only two EA Games on the Nintendo Switch are Fe and Unravel. EA has one of the vastest libraries in gaming today and we agree with the investor in thinking The Sims would be a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch.

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Which console do you prefer to play EA Games on? What are some of your favorite EA properties you’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch? Do you have a Switch as well as a PS4 or Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN