Bleeding Edge’s Characters & Combat Mechanics Explained

Bleeding Edge Is an Upcoming 4v4 Team Brawler

Bleeding Edge was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 conference this past Sunday with a loud, brash, and colorful trailer. The 4v4 brawler is being made by Ninja Theory and it’s starting an alpha test on June 27th before eventually launching on the PC and Xbox One.

But how, exactly, does this game’s combat work? Well, its creative director, Rahni Tucker, gave some details in the official Inside Xbox video posted below.

Tucker told Inside Xbox that Bleeding Edge is a “class-based” brawler with “heavies, assassins, and support characters.”

“There’s also a mix of ranged and melee classes as well,” Tucker said. “But some of them [overlap].” Tucker pointed to the character “El Bastardo” as an example of how a few characters are somewhat versatile.

Bleeding Edge

Tucker also explained how the game’s mod system works. “Each character comes equipped with three mods and then, as you play, you earn more mods and then you can replace what’s there by default with different stuff that you unlock,” she said. “So the idea is that you don’t get more powerful, you just get more options, like the more experience you get with the game.”

For example, the character “Daemon” can be modded to be a stealth character, said Tucker. Also, according to her, the attacks of several Bleeding Edge characters can be used in combination with each other to gain the upper hand on opposing players.

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