Sexy Space Game Subverse Is One of the Biggest Crowdfunded Games

Blasting Off in 3… 2… 1…

“Are we alone in this universe? What is out there? More importantly…can we bone it?” That’s the pitch for the sexy new Kickstarter game Subverse. Remember the sexy-time scenes in Mass Effect? Imagine if that was the entire game. That’s what developer FOW Interactive is aiming for. FOW Interactive is an off-shoot of Studio FOW, which is a production group that makes videos of our favourite female video game heroes in rather… compromising situations. Subverse will be the first original IP from the production company. It’s also in the top 20 most successful crowdfunded games of all time.


While the waifus and special interactions with said waifus may take center stage, there is an actual game in there. “Engage in plot-driven SHMUP missions if you’ve got a twitchy thumb, or tactical grid RPG turn-based combat for a more nuanced approach involving less flying kamikaze laser dick-ships. Destroy your enemies which include space pirates, bounty hunters, rogue warrior pleasure droids and other assorted scumbags.” That’s right. Where many developers would make their sex game a visual novel AKA click-click-boobs, FOW Interactive inserted a fully developed system of gameplay, in case you decide to play it for the combat experience.

Like many crowdfunded projects, Subverse has an abundance of milestone rewards planned. Or rather, had an abundance of milestones planned. Thanks to the contributors, they hit them all. Additional Animations, Squid Waifus, complete VO, sexy Subverse manga; this game is getting it all. With all their milestones hit, FOW Interactive is pulling out all the stops with development.

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Source: Kickstarter